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For my birthday Steve bought me a burger recipe book “Burgers” by Paul Gayler,  and he reminded me last week that I still hadn’t cooked him a burger from it. I am the burger queen and as stated in my Instagram and Twitter profiles I am “on a mission to find the best burger in the world.” If there’s a good looking burger on a menu I’ll pretty much disregard the rest of the menu. I do not have much experience in making my own burgers, so this was a bit of a challenge for me and I had the added pressure of wanting to impress Steve too.

On Friday I surprised myself by making a pretty epic burger. Steve requested the “Bymark Hamburger: Serloin burger with porcini mushrooms, Brie de Meaux and truffle aioli” however he said I didn’t have to use sirloin and I could leave out the truffle aioli and the brie too…so really all I was taking from it was the mushrooms! Luckily in the book there were plenty of other recipes to follow. I made the simple classic american burger, coarsely ground chuck steak mince and onions brushed with oil. I had never even heard of chuck steak before so gave Lydia, the fountain of all food knowledge, a call, who informed me that chuck was like stewing or braising steak and was definitely the best meat to use for burgers. So I popped down to the butchers at the market and requested this, instead the butcher advised me to go for his steak mince which he promised was just as good. For the cheese I choose a nice soft and not too over-powering Blue Cheshire and thought this would go well with locally made Mrs Darlington’s tomato chutney. 

The burgers were delicious, the meat was moist and tasty, it definitely made all the difference opting for a higher quality mince and the combination of the toppings all complemented each other perfectly. Most importantly it was a winner with Steve and he even went as far as saying it could be my signature dish! I’m looking forward to making more burgers and experimenting with toppings, who knows, one day I might create the best burger in the world.


Serves 2

400g steak mince
1 onion finely chopped
Vegetable oil
1 large field mushroom
2 slices of blue cheshire
2 rashers of streaky smoked bacon
tomato chutney
2 Brioche Burger buns 


1. Mix the mince and onion together and season with salt and pepper then leave to chill in the fridge.

2. Then shape the burger mix in to two patties and brush will oil.

3. Slice the mushrooms up and brush with oil.

4. Heat up two pans and fry the mushrooms and bacon in one pan and the burgers in another. For medium burgers cook for 3 minutes on each side.

5. Slice up the bun and spread mayo on the bottom and tomato chutney on the top.

6. Layer the fried mushrooms onto the bottom of the bun place on the burger then layer on the cheese and bacon.

7. Serve with fries and a side salad.



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