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My first experience of Mowgli Street Food in Liverpool was in June this year for my birthday, you may have read my blog. I instantly fell in love with the explosive flavours of a chat bomb and the delicious curries and dahls that were grease free and were a million miles away from any dish you get in your average curry house. I felt completely inspired by the whole menu and couldn’t wait to recreate what I’d just eaten. I extensively searched the web for the “Mowgli recipe for chat bombs” and unfortunately was unsuccessful but I did find out that the brains behind Mowgli, Nisha Katona, was releasing a recipe book “The Spice Tree” which I pre-ordered straight away. Since receiving it back in June this has very quickly become one of my favourite cookbooks and I have got through a fair few recipes. Nisha talks about the spice tree in her book in which once you have your base ingredients of onion, garlic, ginger, then the spices you add to the dish are the ones that compliment your meat, fish or vegetable. I’ve not found any of the dishes difficult to make and I think that’s the main reason that makes me keep revisiting it. Definitely a book to add to your Christmas list if you’re into delicious curries that are simple to make.

A selection of side dishes I made for my Dad on Father’s Day: Aubergine with nigella and poppy seed, Potato with nigella, onion and poppy seed, Aloo ghobi.

Mutter keema with pine nuts – this went down extremely well and was even enjoyed by Steve who usually doesn’t like lamb!

Butter Chicken – as Nisha explained when I saw her at Liverpool Food & Drink festival this September, this isn’t her favourite curry but one of the best sellers at Mowgli. I liked it and is a great crowd pleaser.

Father’s day feast!

My absolute favourite- oxtail curry. The first time I made it I was impatient and served the curry before the oxtail had properly cooked, the sauce was delicious but the oxtail tough! I now make it in the slow cooker and the oxtail is melt in the mouth every time.

Goan fish curry with tamarind – my Mum’s favourite.


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