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I first discovered this podcast as our heroine Rachel Khoo was featured on it and then after that I was hooked and kept listening to all the amazing guests on it.  Margie Nomura, the host, is a chef, food writer, creator and massive foodie with a very soothing voice! I feel that Margie, Hayley and I would have been friends at school and are like peas in a pod food wise! From all of her questions on desert island dishes and how a lot of them are based around memories, much like our Sentimental Sundays, her supermarket snoops (more on that below), recipe ideas, tasting new products on the market and fridge foraging – something we do and I know a lot of you guys will too, looking what you have left over in the fridge and what you can create from it, I think we all share the same love of food and are focused on the same things that make it fascinating to us.

The concept of her podcast is very simple, much like desert island discs, and all her guests are asked the same seven questions:

  1. What’s the dish that most reminds them of their childhood.
  2. What was the first dish they learnt to cook.
  3. What’s the best dish they have ever eaten.
  4. What is their favourite sandwich (brilliant question!)
  5. What is the dish they eat most often.
  6. What is their go to dinner party dish.
  7. What would their last dish be before being cast off to the desert island.

I think Hayley and I have probably answered most of these questions on the blog over the years and I think they are very clever questions as they really evoke riveting stories from her guests.  The only one I would struggle to answer would be the dish I eat most often; being a food magpie, I like to try new things all the time so maybe it would be something fairly boring like porridge which I have for breakfast most mornings before work! But not only is the podcast about food, she also talks to her guests about their careers and life experiences so you get a real insight into their personalities.  Margie also does a cookbook corner and asks her guests which cookery book they would take with them to the desert island, a lot of which the answers comprise of Nigella or Nigel Slater.

Some of our favourite guests have included Rachel Khoo (of course), The Hairy Bikers, Anna Jones, Felicity Cloake, Jo Elvin and Dolly Alderton – where she described an absolutely sumptuous roasted chicken pasta dish of Nigella’s which I just had to go home and make at the weekend (pictured below – Tagliatelle with Chicken From the Venetian Ghetto).  Jo Elvin’s desert island dishes answers had some scary similarities to Hayley and I.  She said that the dish that reminds her most of her childhood was her grandma’s rice pudding which seemed to take hours to make and always tasted so wonderful.  We have very similar memories of this with our grandma and it cooking away in the oven for hours and it would be served up bubbling and creamy, with or without the skin on top – our brother and grandpa always liked it but I don’t think we did until we were a bit older.  She also said that the first dish she learnt to cook was spaghetti bolognese and being in a family with four children, she had to cook it once a week – exactly the same as us!

Her website and Instagram page are also a lot of fun too.  Every Friday she has one of my favourite features, supermarket snoop, where each week she asks a willing shopper to share their trolley or basket with her and asks them what they are buying. One lady I remember only ever bought from the reduced aisle so was forever coming up with different recipes from one day to the next using only those ingredients and she saved a fortune on food.  Another was an old man who always bought flowers for his girlfriend. Going back to how we are wired the same food wise, supermarket basket/trolley snooping is something I always find fascinating and do regularly when I am shopping, particularly if you are in the queue at the checkout in front of me.  I always remember one of my food lecturers saying that once we had finished our food degree that we would find ourselves doing this and she was completely right. Margie posted a very funny video the other day about how she asked one of the checkout ladies that did she find it interesting looking what people buy everyday to which her answer was, ‘yes I suppose it is funny when people buy condoms’.

So if you are a lover of foodie podcasts, then this is definitely one to tune in to and maybe have a think about what your desert island dishes might be!



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