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This blog comes from our Dad who shares with us one of his favourite pudding recipes.

Many years ago now we purchased a bread maker. The only problem with bread from a bread maker and not having the additives to extend shelf life, it only lasts a day or so (if it hasn’t been eaten by that time, which was a rarity in our house!) So making other use of the bread was a way to not waste the precious commodity and bread and butter pudding was an obvious choice. This is a twist on the pudding that was, and still is, a favourite of the whole family.


Serves 4 Sacketts or 6 normal people!

6 thick slices of homemade white bread (approx. 350g)
Butter, enough to cover the slices of bread
250g marmalade (homemade is best)
500ml milk (or a mix of cream and milk)
3 eggs
30g caster sugar


  1. Start by Mixing milk, eggs and sugar, this will give extra time for the sugar to dissolve in the mix.
  2. Give the butter a quick spin in the microwave to make soft enough to spread over the bread.
  3. Spread each piece of bread with a good covering of marmalade.

4. Cut each slice of bread into 4cm squares.
5. Line a Pyrex bowl with the squares of bread marmalade side up, leaving minimum distance between squares, you don’t want too many air gaps.

6. Once complete, re-stir the mixture and slowly pour all over the bread so everything gets a good soak.
7. Place in a 180°C fan oven for 20-30 minutes until top is toast brown.
8. You can serve it on its own or with double cream or custard. Enjoy!



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  1. Dave jones says:

    Sounds great, it will be my next pud. Fresh baked bread but from Sainsbury’s!