Written by Lydia in Puddings

There seems to be a theme emerging this year of using different breads in bread and butter puddings and we have certainly grabbed on to this trend!  On Christmas Eve Faye made a Waitrose recipe of panettone bread and butter pudding with cranberries which was really buttery and creamy, cut through with a sharpness from the cranberries.

Hayley recently made a rich and decadent chocolate bread and butter pudding using pain au chocolats as the base.

Using this inspiration, I have made a hot cross bun bread and butter pudding which again was another winner and should definitely please your guests this Easter! This would be just as good using chocolate hot cross buns, or some rather delicious chocolate and salted caramel ones which I think they do in Aldi and M&S.


Serves 6-8

150g sultanas
75g caster sugar
1 tsp mixed spice
12 fruity hot cross buns, halved
Enough softened butter to spread each hot cross bun half with plus for greasing the dish
2 eggs
300ml double cream
200ml milk
2 tbsp demerara sugar



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