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I love breakfast, sometimes if I know I’ve got something really good for the next morning I don’t mind waking up early to eat it. The ironic thing is that there are so many things you could have for breakfast so why is it that Monday to Friday we stick to our boring old cereal and toast? Routine, habit and time to name a few excuses. You don’t even taste it – it’s just fuel eaten in a blurry eyed morning rush before heading out the door.  I am one of those people that can eat anything at any time of day and I think I have told you that I have been known to eat desserts (apple crumble is a particular favourite) for breakfast. With the hot and sticky week we have had this week too, I have been tempted by ice cream…

I have started to be a little more adventurous recently though, taking inspiration from Deliciously Ella and adding some ‘chia puddings’ with almond milk and red berries into my routine.  A few other more ‘exotic’ ones have been tapioca with stewed apples and apricots, Bircher muesli and eggy bread with blackberries, blueberries and yoghurt. I also remember Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall doing a programme for breakfast inspiration as part of his River Cottage Everyday series which re-kindled my love for eggy bread.  But honestly you can’t beat eggs in any form with a good hunk of buttered toast.  When we went to Canada we were spoilt with stacks of American pancakes drizzled in native maple syrup.  One of the lodges we were staying in did the most gorgeous maple bacon, crisped to perfection, James kept going back to get some until they stopped bringing it out.

But my most perfect breakfast would be Almond Croissants or croissantaux amandes and they have to be from a French Boulangerie, slightly warmed and fresh from the oven. Here in the UK we just don’t do them like the French do, you can even get them with a little chocolate in over there. The only place I have found them which are almost as good as the ones you have in France was from a farm shop in Evesham called the Chadbury Farmshop where I used to live. I greedily bought myself two from there one year to have on my birthday, they were deliciously sweet and flaky. I must mention Faye as well, you do make wonderful croissants from scratch too and my hat goes off to you for yours. If you are a foodie, you will know that when you watch any TV programme, if there is a scene that looks like they are having a delicious looking meal, you sit up a little straighter. James and I were watching Homeland of all things and at the end Saul and his wife were having breakfast in Greece on a beautiful morning, sat on a terrace overlooking the sea with a basket of freshly baked croissants and a jug of orange juice.  Now if I could recreate that, that would be perfect.  L xx

For me breakfast is all about eggs – poached, scrambled, fried, hard-boiled with soldiers – I love them. With thanks to Delia Smith I can make the best scrambled eggs ever – never will you see me scrambling in the microwave. Its all about melting butter in a saucepan, adding the whisked eggs and a glug of cream if you’re feeling naughty. Stir it like mad until it’s cooked but slightly runny and serve on a thick slice of granary bread, smothered with butter.

My absolute favourite breakfast has to be Eggs Benedict. I’ve never attempted to make it myself, I keep promising myself I will “when I have the time…” If it is on the menu, I am more than likely to go for it. Unfortunately though it can often be a disappointment – the yolks aren’t runny, the hollandaise sauce isn’t homemade, first world problems I know. However this was not the case 5 years ago at the Imperial Hotel, Great Yarmouth. I had an interview for a job all the way in Norwich (about 4 hours drive across the country). My aunty Angie very kindly offered to drive me there and after the interview, absolutely exhausted, we decided that it would be a good idea to stay overnight somewhere and make the drive back home the following day. We went to Great Yarmouth and stayed in the small Imperial Hotel along the beach front. The following morning we went for breakfast which was served in the conservatory and both ordered Eggs Benedict. It was absolutely delicious, I think we were both shocked – the hotel was 4 star but definitely wasn’t very glamorous. The muffins were perfectly toasted and layered with quality thick ham, the eggs were poached beautifully and the hollandaise was to die for! Unfortunately I didn’t get the job but I discovered my favourite breakfast ever!


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