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Sometimes I think I prefer Easter to Christmas. The food is just as good and centres around chocolate, what could be better? The weather is (usually) better, daffodils are in bloom, lambs spring through the fields and it is very exciting to get outside into the garden and do Easter egg hunts, which in my opinion you are never too old for. My Grandma and I love Creme Eggs which I always get in plentiful supply this time of year, however the fact that they now appear on our shelves on Boxing day is rather sad. I have seen some ingenious creme egg recipes appearing online this year, we’ve had the creme egg brownies and now this year creme egg ‘scotch’ eggs seem to be trending. If I haven’t eaten them all, I will give them a go!

I like to start the day with a hot cross bun, waking up to the smell of spices and vine fruits wafting from the toaster really says it’s Easter. I think M&S seem to do the best pre-packed ones and they always have a good amount of vine fruit in them. If you fancy a change too, they usually do some different flavours each year like chocolate and orange, cherries and berries and chocolate and toffee fudge- if you want to be very indulgent. This year they are pushing St Clements Hot Cross buns. Nothing beats baking them yourself though.

We usually go to James’ family for Easter lunch and James’ mum serves us a wonderful roast lamb dinner with all the trimmings. I am always excited to see the dining table as she always decorates it with coloured foil-wrapped chocolate eggs too which we would tuck in to after the meal if we had any room left.

Making chocolate nest cakes takes me back to when I was very little. I think I have tried all the different cereal combinations; rice krispies, cornflakes and shredded wheat and usually combined them with golden syrup and chocolate. This year I made some using shredded wheat and melted mars bars. All you do is melt the mars bars down until they are a runny melted chocolate consistency, add in some crushed shredded wheat, mix, top with mini eggs and then leave to set in the fridge for 5-10 minutes. Here is a simple video on how to make them: http://youtu.be/1u6Ko-ixCic   L xx


Easter for me is all about the sweet stuff- chocolate, cake and hot cross buns! My granny used to make a simnel cake every Easter, of course topping it with 11 marzipan balls, which are said to represent the 12 apostles minus Judus. Then for us children she added mini eggs and the little toy chick cake decorations. To be honest I can’t really remember what the cake tasted like, I probably enjoyed the masses of marzipan, but the most exciting part to it was being able to take the little chicks home!

When we were children we used to get so many eggs,i was always the one to savour my eggs whilst the others scoffed theirs all at once. I remember always getting ones that came with mugs- the genie from Aladdin, the flintstones, it was brilliant. The eggs with a personal touch-  your name written on it with white icing. The best egg I ever got was a thortons milk chocolate with pieces of hard caramel in, it was So good I even caught my dad sneaking bits of it! My new found favourite Easter treat are the mini eggs from marks and spencer. They’re a little bigger than the cadburys ones and the chocolate is to die for! We hope you all have a very chocolaty Easter! Hxx



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