Written by Hayley in Breakfast + Brunch

A few months ago I went to visit my good friend Jenn in Oxford. Jenn has always cooked me lovely meals but this weekend she told me she was determined to make me a breakfast “worthy” of my blog! It was so delicious I thought it definitely deserved to go up on the blog.

In the morning we had a discussion about the best way to cook poached eggs, where I had to admit that I can’t/won’t poach an egg, I’ve tried several times but just can’t get the technique right. It was then that Jenn’s Dad came in and told us a great trick to poach an egg, he called it “the army way”. This involved filling a cup with about 2 inches of cold water, adding a few drops of malt vinegar then breaking the egg into the water and piercing the yolk with a sharp knife. Cover the cup with a plate and put in the microwave for 1 minute and voila – a perfectly poached, runny yolk egg. This is an absolute foolproof method that I will forever use! Jenn served the eggs up with french style crêpes, spinach and tomatoes. Delicious!



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