Written by Lydia in Cookbook Corner
I think our whole family is in love with this book! I know my Indian curry skills have come on leaps and bounds since getting it. They taste so much more fragrant and authentic. It has taught me about the importance of the quality of your spices and trying to grind your own from fresh to make signature spice blends. Try and seek out a local Indian shops that sell fresh spices and curry leaves, the quality of the spices will be so much better than the supermarket’s and half the price probably. Plus then you can buy as much as you need. Whole Foods Supermarket is also great for this. Buying a spice grinder is also a must, they are relatively cheap but you can also use a coffee bean grinder.
I love the vibrancy of this book and the way it is split into sections according to meat type, fish, breads, vegetables, street food etc which makes it really easy for recipe finding. It really opens your eyes to the huge expanse of Indian cuisine. Rick (as always) has lots of helpful hints on ingredients, what you can use as substitutes, what to serve dishes with, equipment and lovely stories behind each recipe. His TV series that accompanied this book was also fantastic.
We have all tried a multitude of recipes from this book (see below) but my favourite is his lamb rogan josh. Succulent, slow cooked lamb shoulder combined in a rich, aromatic and spicy tomato sauce- serve with rice, naans and beers and you are in for a good night!

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