Written by Hayley in Drinks
Our sister Faye’s boyfriend Jordan used to make cocktails in a bar and even though he left that job a long time ago he continues to make brilliant cocktails – their dinner parties are always a treat! These strawberry daiquiris that Jordan whipped up for us one hot summer’s day go down marvellously!


Serves 1

2 shots of white rum
1-2 shots of sugar water (gomme)
6 strawberries
Half a glass of ice
Half a lime juice


1. To make the gomme, dissolve white sugar in boiling water  (2:1 sugar:water ratio)
2. Blitz all ingredients into a blender, if you don’t want the strawberry seeds then blend the strawberries first and then use a sieve to remove the seeds.
3. Garnish with a strawberry and wedge of lime.

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