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If like me you love eggs for breakfast, lunch or dinner, then this is a recipe for you! The combination may sound a little strange but trust me, it is really scrummy and has the added bonus of being very good for you. This is really quick too to rustle up any time of the day and serves 2 generously. If you have any of the vegetable bits left over, compress together into patties and have as bubble and squeak cakes on a different day!


Serves 2

2 potatoes, peeled and grated (sweet potato also works well here)
2 leeks, shredded
3 carrots, grated
4 eggs


  1. Pre-heat your oven to a low heat, about 100C. Prepare all your vegetables.
  2. Heat some olive oil in an oven-proof pan and when hot, toss in your grated and shredded vegetables.
  3. Once soft, cooked through and beginning to brown a little (this takes about 10-15 minutes), season to taste.
  4. Make four wells among the vegetables and crack an egg into each one.
  5. Keep on the hob until the eggs have cooked underneath and then transfer the pan to your hot oven to finish cooking the eggs on top to your desired yolk consistency. I don’t do this for too long as I like my egg yolks runny!  Once they are cooked, divide into two portions (2 eggs per person) and enjoy.



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