“We started this blog to share our love of cooking good, honest homemade food. So many of our dishes come from a place of nostalgia as they were what we were brought up on and still make regularly to this day.  Just the smell of our Mum cooking spag bol or our grandma’s sticky toffee pudding baking in the oven brings back floods of memories. Building on this foundation, we think that one of the most exciting things about cooking is food discovery and we love experimenting with new flavours, trying out new recipes and eating out at foodie hotspots. We love to travel too and sampling the local cuisine is high on our priority list so we can come back full of inspiration and can re-create dishes back at home.”

For me, my passion for food really came when I first moved out; even though our parents had brought us up showing us how to cook, it was the first time I really had to use it to survive! I hate following instructions, I like to use them more as a base on which to build on, I very rarely use exact measurements and just go by taste.

Three years ago I took up running and I guess you could say I caught the bug- I absolutely love it. I exercise most days, and especially when training for an event I really see food as fuel and notice how important it is to listen to your body and the best foods to eat for this.

Being a Graphic Designer and an all round creative person, how the food looks is just as important as how it tastes. I am one of those people who will take numerous photos of my food until I get the perfect shot.



Food has always been a big part of our family- we were all born to eat! Some of my earliest memories are of food, from Hayley and I helping our Mum every Monday night cook spaghetti bolognese to vividly dreaming as a child about strawberry and ice cream banquets. I even remember planning what I would eat when I was older and living on my own – I think eating vast amounts of chocolate was high on my priority list.

I am one of those people though who can eat anything at anytime of the day. I particularly enjoy cake and puddings for breakfast. A genius diet plan of mine was to have a pudding for breakfast instead of after the main meal the night before. Nothing beats a cold apple crumble with custard first thing in the morning.

I have previously worked as a Food Taster/Home Economist at Campden BRI in the Cotswolds who specialise in food and drink research.  I was highly trained on how to taste and review food using bespoke sensory and benchmarking methods. It was an amazing job and I was able to taste and write about lots of wonderful (and weird!) things during my time there and it definitely changes the way you taste and appreciate food and what you buy.