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What do you enjoy most about cooking?
I love to try new things, whether that be new recipes or just ingredients I’ve not used before.

What is your favourite type of cuisine to cook or want to learn more about?
I’d say Indian food is my favourite type of cuisine to cook, I love the variety of spices and how much they can transform a dish. 

Where do you get your inspiration from?
I am always scanning the internet for new recipe ideas, I follow a lot of chefs and food magazines on Facebook and Instagram. Pinterest is also a great source of inspiration.

Do you have a signature dish?
I usually would make a curry, either lamb rogan josh or more recently Sri Lankan chicken curry. Although my boyfriend says I should add my burger I made for him not so long ago to my list of signature dishes!

What’s the worst/best thing you have ever made?
When I was at university my sister Faye came to visit, I decided to cook Coq au vin for her and my friend. I though I knew what I was doing so didn’t follow a recipe – it’s just chicken and a whole bottle of red wine yeah?! 

Who is your food hero?
Rick Stein. I was at university and got addicted to his “Far Eastern Odyssey” series where he went all over South Asia exploring and recreating their cuisine. It nearly made me book myself on a flight there and then to go and sample it for myself, unfortunately being a poor student I just had to settle for his book!

What’s the most interesting cuisine you have tried?
When I went to Singapore to visit my cousin I tried lots of exotic and interesting cuisines. Singapore has it’s own cuisine, but also tends to be a melting pot for all neighbouring countries cuisines. I tried, Vietnamese, Malayan and Indonesian just to name a few whilst I was there. 

What is your favourite type of cake?
Carrot cake. I used to work in a cafe whilst at university in Sheffield, the chef their made the best carrot cake I have ever tasted and I was lucky enough to get the recipe from him when I left. Also I must mention my mum in this answer, she’s a wonderful baker and makes an epic marmalade and poppy seed cake. 

What is your favourite sandwich filler?
Any thing with cheese, I know it may sound boring but I bloody love cheese! And a nice bit of chutney.

Where would you go on a cooking holiday?
I’d love to go to India and be taught how to cook a curry like the pros.

What’s your favourite thing to have for breakfast?
Such a hard question, it’s one of my favourite meals! I think I’d have to say eggs benedict.

What’s the best restaurant ever been to?
The Sticky Walnut in Hoole Chester. It’s a cute little restaurant with a great atmosphere and very friendly staff. The menu is creative and absolutely delicious, my favourite would have to be their homemade pate with chutney served on their freshly baked brioche toast. Followed by the ever so tender shin on beef, red wine jus, served with a portion of their chunky truffle and parmesan chips.

It’s the last day on earth…what would your last meal be?
It would have to be a big gourmet burger served with blue cheese and streaky bacon, chunky triple fried chips with a big dollop of mayo!

Tea or coffee?

Starter or pud?

Pizza or pasta?

Indian or Chinese takeaway?

What’s one food you couldn’t live without?
I’m going to have to copy Lyds here and say cheese too!



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